Monday, May 3, 2010

Norman Weber...

Norman Weber

Wednesday 5 May 18.00
Konstepidemin paviljong 10

Come and meet Norman Weber, Jewellery artist from Germany.
After the lecture drink and refreshments will be served.

Norman Weber exhibition, Galleri hnoss Konstepidemin Staurday 8 May 12.00-16.00

House & Garten originates from old photographs depicting Norman Webers childhood home. Ordinary images of the familys house and garden are translated into digital prints, later joined together with silver and steel into brooches and pendants.

The next collection Portrait is also rooted in the artist's childhood where photos of old toys from the 70s interact with other materials. The combination of figurative elements with flat surfaces and more three-dimensional structures often reappear in Norman Weber's work.

In the third series Schaustücke the jewellery challenge the viewer's sense of what is real or fiction. Seemingly genuine pearls or stones may in fact be artificial structures. Jewellery seduces and parade. It's about effect for effects´s sake.

More about Norman Weber: (Galleri hnoss)

Address Konstepidemin:
Konstepidemins väg 6
Tram stop: Linnéplatsen or Seminariegatan

Jewellery Art Department HDK
and Galleri hnoss

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