Wednesday, September 30, 2015

In Sweden we called it "floskler" (in English; buzzwords)...

I found this at one of the sites I have as a social media in my life and I get more or less angry every time it shows up, not because it ´s "wise" words, because it is men posing this, and in my imagination it´s most white rich men, which has risen to a position, which has its on its dry so to speak ... I get angry that it's easy to throw himself with fine, wise words when you are not in misery yourself ... I really promotes positive thinking and that each man should be his own success, it would be wonderful. But now's not the world out of those, these empty phrases traceable to the individual defeat of failing to obtain money, happiness and success that it says that you can do if you just think, act positively.

And if I look close to all this wise word and the images, they all contain men as a symbol, in two cases among these once it's a woman and children...

This is for men backslapping each other in the medial room, beware of that when you come across this kind of wise word, telling you that if you shape up, everything is possible, or not.

In many ways, I think this is tasteless and elitist.

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