Friday, September 18, 2015

Benedikte Esperi, Nina Cholet & Ida Lod...

HURLING Benedikte Esperi Nina Cholet Ida Lod

Benedikte Esperi, Nina Cholet & Ida Lod

HURLING, 19/9 och 20/9

Meeting place: Johannesplatsen, Göteborg
Time: 6-7 pm (the night continues at 2LÅNG Kvartersscen, Andra långgatan 30)
The interest for creating a contemporary work by looking back through history is the base for HURLING. In this work, hurl becomes a metaphor for the search of traces from the struggle, the oeuvre and the place of women in history, but also in our present time. Here three artists – Esperi, Cholet and Lod – get together, each with a different starting point. The inspiration comes from Louise Michel (1830-1905), a French anarchist and teacher, and Nelly Thüring (1875-1972), a Swedish photographer and politician, among others. The selected site is made in memory of the ”Bread revolt” in Gothenburg in 1917.

Intressant att läsa på svenska... mitt egna inlägg i det som nämns ovan...,_G%C3%B6teborg_(1917)

From HURLING yesterday evening...

The last two photos are from photographer; Stefan Sundström. Thank you for the pics!

It was a very good and interesting performance, well done and good that we as the audience became a part, to participate by some for me odd tricks. Thank you very much girls! I have a lot to think about since yesterday evening, in a good way.

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