Saturday, January 24, 2015

crocheted fantasy sea creatures ...

I have a plan ... to have something for your hands when I'm doing other things, so I create based on residual yarns ... which always end my creations close to what can be found in / under the water ...

This is a sidprojekt, a bit more of a hobby than "art". but as always, one leads to the other .. so who knows ?! Maybe I can get of use for this in some future works.

I have heard that crocheting should be healing for the brain, that you train up, resting in ... so it's probably important that I just like crossword puzzles, crocheting occasionally, for I want to be happy to have a quick and functioning of the brain that are not stir together everything in your old age.

This form of needlework is not really my cup of tea, but I like that I can build 3-D shapes in this way. I must add that I'm doing it my way, I can not really this ... But as always, I get to take to the manner and material for me where I want in thought and idea, it's great so my artistry looks a whole, I am not bound materials but I seek / find the one that comes closest to what I want to say and show.

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