Sunday, January 25, 2015

a sunny Sunday in Gothenburg...

That it easily becomes slush in Gothenburg, we all know ... 
so how nice it is, it always ends the beauty with slush.

An absolutely lovely sunny winter day here in Gothenburg!

It´s not every winter you can se people e skiing in the public parks here in the south of Sweden...but today was a skiing and walking day for a lot of people.

Me and my friend Therese took a walk in the amazing public park Slottsskogen, there  you can look at penguins, seal and a lot of other animal for free, very generous of the city to have this for all of us citizens I think. Slottsskogen is close to my home and I can´t understand why I not are there more often?! it´s an lovely area and you always bump into someone you know...

We took a walk and have some catch up talk and then we end up at my favorite Japanese restaurant  Nagoya at the second Long street 7. May be sushi is the right dinner when it´s cold outside, but sushi is always delicious I think and very fresh food too, the miso soup was the hot  part of the dinner.

A great day when you once again got the feeling of that your own grass has the right color for you life, not necessary to look at the grass on the other side of the fence.

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