Monday, January 19, 2015

cod roe...

Wondering if you can have food roots ?!
My grandfather and grandmother taught me to eat cod roe with boiled potatoes and onion sauce, and I just love the dish, how simple it may be.
Unfortunately, it is a thing of the past since a lot of years back here in Sweden, cod nearing fished and then one can not make cod roe in cans, there is nothing more righteous it.
But last time I was in Denmark so I found the old fashioned cod roe in cans in a grocery store there and bought two cans. I could not resist it.
Now I have eaten in the same veve relived my childhood and it's such a great feeling that we humans have the ability, through our senses to transform us back to a time, a memory a feeling. It's great ... So today I did a taste journey back to my roots, a nice trip back in time.

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