Saturday, January 24, 2015

Benedikte Esperi... in "HUNT".

Opening House of Senses

"What is poetry? Not reality but more than reality, not dreams but waking dreams "
House of Senses invites you to a world of dreams, woven of legends and different approaches.
You encounter artworks in different materials and expressions that create a restful place excellent of sharp contrasts, meetings, beautiful objects and impressions. Cast Rino Wennerholm, Malin Leijonberg, Ioana Armiano, Harriet Ohlsson, Benedikte Esperi, Jon Linason, Henrik Andersson, Frida Blom,

Start Date
Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Closing date
Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Performance piece by Benedikte Esperi called "HUNT" - the camera as a weapon and vice verse. Video devices same!

The other is Frida Blom (in lace lamp) Jon Liinason pianist, Henrik Andersson player with high hat, Malin Leijonberg (interior / decoration and costume)
Harriet Ohlsson (musicians in the "meat space") Rino Wennerholm (host) Ioana Armiano art on the walls.

It was not so easy to take a few pictures of the premises and event felt too intimate to shoot here and there ... The pictures were perhaps not as good as I wanted, but the atmosphere was nice and it was fun to be invited and take part.

Nice Wednesday happening!

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