Sunday, January 11, 2015

Benedikte Esperi...

Queen of Plastic Oceans - Without Royalty

This is the work of Benedikte Esperi.

Benedikte Esperi foto: Marina Sutinen

Benedikte Esperi and I have a collaboration, UNDA UASTUS (and GLOBAL TRACE a side track at the same project) and with this work, in the Queen of plastic Ocean - Without Royalty it´s easy to see that we take our own art languages into the collaboration... We are touching each other's area with our thoughts about the subject; plastic and water, still two separate artist doing something together, it´s very inspirited to see what's come up in the other's work and what we then choose to bring into our joint projects.

For me personally, it's very rewarding to get new pictures, something to elaborate on in my own world, to mix what I see or add a feeling perhaps a better explanation ... I have my ideas and my material to investigate and further effort.

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