Sunday, October 14, 2012

kulturnatta 2012.. (1)

Anne Larsson
Mia Frankendal

I spend the evening at the Klippan area… First me and my friend Anita took a look at Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Bergs animations at Röda Stens konsthall after that we went under the Älvsborgs bridge and saw an amazing performance by Karolin Kent, I have to say that this was art! It was so fucking cold and this amazing woman did the performance in a windy cold evening for one hour!!!

After that we took a walk up all the stairs to KKV, Konstnärernas Kollektiv verkstad, it´s a place full of creativity, workshops and studios in all kind of different art fields, I have been a member there before… We look around get inspired and talk to friends and colleges.

After KKV we went to tredje våningen a dance place where the electro band Twice a man performed Ambiente, it was really great the sound and the images… I got a lot of ideas from this show.

A great evening in good company! I have to say that I have coming in, in some kind of second breathing about the culture in Gothenburg, sometimes it´s so good and I like when the artist and people overall are creative and generous about their art and time. That things are for free and the doors are open for everyone one evening and night once a year, it´s also very very nice when the ages are mixed, it´s children, teenagers, adults and senior citizen, men and women that take part an evening and night like this. Very unique I think, at least in Sweden, we are more or less segregated when it comes to ages, we don´t usual mix ages, which is very pity, things could be nicer if we did it more often, I think.

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