Saturday, October 20, 2012

äta sova dö... eat sleep die...

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Yesterday evening I was at the movie Äta sova dö – Eat sleep die, As all the others I agree, it was a GREAT movie and I like it a lot, I like the calmness in the way it was done and also the different scenes, I like that Gabriella Pichler use  great and  good actress as Nermina Lukac among all the other great actors too
I hope the Swedish government recommend this movie as some kind of “understanding” school supplies for the workers at Försäkringskassan/the Swedish Social Insurance Administration and Arbetsförmedlingen/the Swedish Public Employment Service, I think it would be good if they could see this kind of view and take it with them into their meeting with sick and unemployed citizens.
I have been unemployed and I have been to the different arrangement that you have to participant in arrange by the Swedish Public Employment Service just to get some money and learn how useless you are for the moment (or that you can use the time for some better things then being in a group and hear things that you already knows, sometime I think the meetings that arrange by the Swedish Public Employment Service runs by their purpose of its own, that they will end the day with have a good work at their own, not so much how they have done it for some other/me ), it´s a very very strange system that break people down even if they have ideas, energy and a faith of their own believes.
I think that people from other countries than Sweden or with international names have it tougher in the Swedish system then I have it, even if I thought it was or is a bad experience to be in the system by myself (off course I have meet some good once among the years…)… I don´t know anyone that have got a work by the Swedish Public Employment Service, off course I know that the work to find a work is on my own shoulders, but sometimes it don´t have to be so hard and judge, see the individual and the individuals need, try to help as best you can as a worker in the system, but off course, this is an political question… I know that all this things have to been done in a special way; it has to be the same for anyone that applies for help, but the reality is not the same for everyone…



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