Saturday, October 27, 2012

Faktum nr 122 November 2012...


Here is one of my pics, in Faktum nr 122 November 2012.

Faktum is a magazine here in Gothenburg that is selling by people that are homeless or in other ways are out of the regular system in the society, I think that almost all the big cities all around the world have some similar magazine, in Stockholm its Situation Stockholm, in Cape Town South Africa its issues and so on.

I like the idea of this magazine and I love the way they doing it, the reportage is always very interesting and it is a very well done magazine I think, but of course I think it´s sad that we have people that “need to be” out of the system and sell this, but as it looks right now this is a good way, even if my and others ideas of a society that includes everyone and that we all can help each other to have a individual place or space in the world… This is and always will be a political question, where we want to spend our money and how much we are willing to help our neighbors.

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