Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunday, megaloppis...

Sunday they it was the megaloppis, or in English the flea market in my hoods Majorna, a great day with some findings… My idea was just to look at all the people and not buy anything, I think that I have to much things already, but it was hard to not buy anything because it was good things and it was nice prices… So off course I went home with some “new” stuff, stuff that I can and will use in my jewellery in the end… Right now I look forward to start work with the things that I found, but the weather and the summertime makes me want to be outdoors, so I have to wait until a rainy day or the atom.
I meet a lot of friend and Agneta and I eat and drink and took care of the time between all the flea market stuff. We also have the opportunity to listen to a great band, Southern Comfort at Oceanens café.
Here you can see more photos

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