Saturday, May 12, 2012

could the fika be typical Swedish?! I think so...

At Wednesday I was at a lecturing about discrimination and plurality, it always interesting to stop and see your own idea about these subjects and also se that we all have a lot of or at least some preconception about others and why we have them and what we can do to minimize them.

If you can see the “problem” you can also do something about it. To be open-minded can help you see things from different angles and also see that your way not necessary would be the only way of looking at things.

It was a lot of generalizations but also about the law, it’s hard to talk about specific excitement when it’s a lot of people that know each other and don’t know each other backgrounds.

A great day that give me a lot of new thoughts but also “water on” old ideas and thoughts too.

In the end of the day at the ordinary Swedish fika/coffee break we had a delicious and BIG cake.

We where talking about what are typical Swedish under this day, and is something typical???
I don’t know the traditions, the meals and everything change in a good way I think, when “new” people comes from other countries and give us new ways of see and taste things… But, if I have to say some thing that I found typical Swedish I think it’s our fika or coffee breaks that we have, at our working places or everywhere in the society. 10 o’clock and 14 o’clock is the ordinary fika breaks.

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