Tuesday, May 1, 2012

peace on earth!

Peace on earth!

1 May, an important day for all the once that want to see a change of the society…

I like this day when people went out and into the street’s to show sympathise against the government, it’s a great mix of people it’s children, adults and dogs and you name it.  
The protest march is a statement and an important act I think.
The strange thing about this day that is a working class day is that the working class heroes are working…they are working in the industry, in different health care establishments and other service occupation, work that can’t close just for a day.

Today it was the warmest and most sunny day in here in Gothenburg for this year and it creates a creative folk festival!

I had great company today and a day like this give me hope about the future.

I will have and open society there every one has a position, Swedish or not… I don’t think its okay that people need to search in garbage cans, or beg for money, that is absolutely a backside of our society and that we all need to help one another.

I absolutely believe that Sweden need a change, a party that take care and see to the human and may be not always to profit, the life has more then profit to offer, as work to all the once who want it, housings to all, young once, people that has separate and so on…

A great thing with this day is also the återtåget / counter march in the end of the day when all the different protest march has walked together with like-minded; all comes together in a common walk against the alliance.

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