Sunday, May 6, 2012

Castello Hansen...

Castello Hansen at gallery Sintra, a few day left…

I like the jewellery Castello making and absolutely the way he present his jewellery too, very very clean and beautiful.I think they are unisex for the once who dare to wear jewellery, it’s some kind of soft poetry and the meetings between material are delighting. The jewellery don’t scream or take place, they are there to communicate silence I think, in a good way these days when things should overload each other to be seeing.
I absolutely could think me wear some of his pendants even if I’m a brooch person myself.

But I don’t agree with the news paper text that said that Castello Hansen are doing neutral jewellery with irradiance, for me it’s a wrong way of describe it, some thing that is neutral can’t be irradiance, or?!
I also have to say that I’m not surprised that Catello Hansen got an article in the news paper, he is a man, and he is exotic because of his birth in Denmark.
He is the fourth that exhibit at gallery Sintra this year and no one else even if it has been both interesting and beautiful has got an article, then the MAN shows up and volá, there we got the article about outstanding jewellery art.
It has been great by the news paper to take a bigger angle and wrote about the jewellery art of today, there me and Castello and other is a part, it has been interesting and fairer to us all…

I spoken to one at Sintra about the article and she haven’t thought about that he was a man getting publicity, she was happy that the news paper was written at all.
Why should we be satisfied by an article and not question why and how the journalist choose to expose things?!

I’m glad for Castello that he got publicity, but it doesn’t means that I can have a thought or opinion about it and don’t agree with that we others don’t need or want to be respect for our art too.
If I have it could receive as I am a bitter person that thinks I would be the one instead, that’s not the point, I can tell… I think we all need publicity. We all struggle with our art, we all doing investigations, we all add our time, money and soul to create and want to show and start discussions about different items and the idea behind.

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