Monday, May 28, 2012

saturday at Hammarkullen... (1)

This weekend the folk festivals continued, first it was Hammarkulle festival, and amazing festival more as a carnival. I was there with my friend Ingela and her lowly daughter Luna who is 2, 5 years old and very curious about things at Saturday. The weather was great and the dances and all the smell of food. All the people from different nations were a great mix and a wonderful day.
It was so many things going on in Gothenburg this Saturday, it was event at Klippan, one of my favorite areas here in Gothenburg and one of my friends Anna and her crew Tombola has performance and art in Slottsskogen, it was a design market at Järntorget and at the Nordic  aqaurell museum in Skärhamn it was the opening of Bill Violas exhibition-Water.

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