Saturday, May 12, 2012

no photos… at The Magnetic Fields concert...

Yesterday evening I was listing to The Magnetic Fields at one of the churches (Annedals kyrkan) here in Gothenburg, a great experience, even if I had that in my mind before the concert too, I really really love The Magnetic Fields and the lyrics and the sound of the male voice. I’m glad that I got a ticket in the last minute.

It was a great sound in the church. The opening act was two musicians from UK that was great, I don’t know the name, I have to check it out somewhere, I fall in love with the male voice, if it’s impossible to fall in love in a voice?! But it touched me and I thought it was absolutely outstanding.

The pink Jesus was a great image in the background I think, even if I’m not a member of the church or a big believer and the music is not religious either, it was a great room to have music in any way and it was nice to sit down and listen, I got a great seat/spot over the scene and the band.

I was satisfied when I walk home this evening, happy over all the good art that is produced and showed in different ways and in different rooms too.

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