Saturday, February 11, 2012

please… what where you thinking of?

I don’t like these three colour shift men either, Jaume Plensa from Barcelona is the artist.

I don’t know how the municipal politician was thinking? To raise three men 12 meter up in the sky, with the idea of the Buddhist apes in lotus pose, not seeing, not hearing, and not speaking. May be it’s a good sign I Japan, but in Sweden, I don’t know…

Hallo, this is Sweden 2012 and our city has been expose for so many bribe scandal that ordinary people and workers has seeing and told the others of us citizen, how has it looks if they had been sitting on the high horses saying nothing?

I’m also having some problem with the norm; the man… We try our best to be equal and then I have to see three men on a pedestal every time I past Drottingtorget and it am also what all the visitors that arrive to Gothenburg with train will see as one of the first things these days.

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