Sunday, February 19, 2012

day 2...

Day 2, small details and two cup of coffee with Johan Svanbom, it is his cups, really really nice to have coffee in.
The sign with my name was on the window today… today it was the press release day, but no press showed up, it’s hard to been an artist in a big city… You need publicity to be visible and when they haven’t time, money or interesting for your things, you are invisible for the citizens and that’s not good at all, I have to blame the Swedish government and the culture- athletic minister that makes it hard to be an artist in this country these days, Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth is a big joke, just the idea that she is a minister for both culture and athletic events and sports make me wonder… it reflects on the society in the totality… what’s happen on the internal level happens also at municipal level.

I have to trust my own contact net and hope that people will spread it as much as they manage.

Here you can find post about my exhibition at gallery Sintra, on going right now…

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