Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tuesday to Sunday...

From Tuesday to Sunday my parents have been visit me here in Gothenburg.
We had some great days together, we have done two outings to Kungsbacka and the Freeport shops with outlet brands and to my favourite place in Gothenburg the Kviberg market.

The Freeport area was a surprise and a disappointment at the same time… It was a new fresh area with a new concept ( at least for me) to build small shops with a lot of brands in a build up in a circle, a small city in a huge area of supermarkets, that was the nice part and also a little bite unexpected, but for me outlet is a little bite less expansive and here they had outlet and the on the top of that they hade sale… (?!) Isn’t the point that outlet in itself is more or less cheap from the beginning?! That was my thought and also my disappointed; it wasn’t cheap in my way of look at it.

The Kviberg market is absolutely worth fighting for, the city or the ones who own the land will close it down, I think it is a nice area there people from all over the world come together and share their time for awhile.

We have eating a lot of delicious fish and had a really great time together.

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