Sunday, September 5, 2010

Saturday with my friend Therese…

First we took the bicycles down town to Heden, to a big public flee market, my friend Ingela was one of all the sellers this weekend. It was a lovely sunny autumn weather and I did some bargain, a bracelet in plastic from Japan for 5 kr, a steel toy whit the shape of a Panda bear 10 kr, 5 synthetic rubies for 10 kr each… A good hunt.

We took a fika at my friend Monika’s café con leche… Still sunny and it was great to sit outdoors and have a small talk about life and so on.

In the end we stopped by at my friend Lotta Anderssons photo exhibition at Hängmattan, we had real luck, because they had started to close down the place, but the once who work was nice and let us in. Really good photos!
Take a look by yourself if you have the way by...

It was a great day and I’m happy for all my nice friends.

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