Wednesday, September 15, 2010

artists in the showroom at "Joya. Setmana de la Joieria Contemporània de Barcelona."

Claudia Lassner on of the participants

Michael Berger (Alemania, 1966)
Florence Croisier (França, 1965)
Marijke de Goey (Holanda, 1947)
Cilmara de Oliveira (Brasil, 1955)
Petr Dvorak (Àustria, 1954)
Sara Engberg (Suècia, 1969)
Maki Kawawa (Japó, 1986)
Claudia Lassner (Alemania, 1982)
Yannick Mur (França, 1963)
Taisuke Nakada (Japó, 1983)
Liana Pattihis (Regne Unit, 1961)
Andrea Piñeros (França, 1972)

"Joya. Setmana de la Joieria Contemporània de Barcelona."
This event is going on right now, I wish I had the time to visit the event, but this autumn/winter it’s no room for jewellery travel… I have to be home, working and earn some money, but THANKS for internet, I can see what’s´ going on without being there personally, even if it has been nice to be there by myself to look and say hallo to colleges from all around the world…

Here you can find more info about Joya:

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