Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a new show room has pop up in Gothenburg...

Gothenburg has got a new jewellery scene… It’s always nice when the show rooms increase many times over.
We need more places, more spaces to show our jewellery art and I’m glad that some taking care of it.
I haven’t been to this showroom, but the one who runs it has sent me an invitation, so I post it and hope someone will past by and have a look. I hope I got the time to stop by, unlucky it is the “wrong” side of the city for me… that is not an excuse but it makes it a little bite more complicated than just drop in.

I know the most of the Swedish jewellery artist who participant in this exhibition and it’s a mix among colleges.

The text is from the group that arrange it sent to my by e-mail.

We are three jewelry artists, living and working in Gothenburg, who have started a project called "A Jewellery Circus"; Elin Ryd, Therese Stawlin and Gertrud Heinerud.
Different characters, talents and nationalities will meet under one roof and the uniqueness of each artist will be drawn to extremes.
The circus world is brutal and obscure and it has always fascinated spectators, embarrassed, amused and appalled.
Artists are pushing their bodies or exercising power in the form of advanced dressage in different animals. But under the ceiling there is also glitter, glamour, laughter and fine clothed children with spun sugar.
The circus contains many symbolic values, emotional connotations and has an underlying duality.

The participants are:
Annemari Bernhardt, Sweden
Helle Rasmussen-Theliander - Sweden
Kikkan Hulthén - Sweden
Linda Lidman – Sweden/USA
Monica Buongiovanni - Italy
Poly Nikoloupoulo – Greece
Sara-Lo Af Ekenstam - Sweden
Suzanne Beautyman – USA
Yuki Sumiya – Japan
Åsa Skogberg – Sweden
Åsa Halldin - Sweden
…och arrangörer:
Therese Stawlin - Sweden
Gertrud Heinerud – Sweden
Elin Ryd – Sweden

Opening 2nd Oct at 18.00
The exhibition will run until 31 Oct.
Opening hours:
Tuesdays- Fridays 10-16. Saturdays 10-14.

41670 Göteborg, Sweden

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