Sunday, February 21, 2016

from chili peppers to a finished plate...

 Flowersprout... First time I found them and cook and eat them...
More beautiful than good, I think.

In the past, I thought the food was a necessary evil, something that would bring energy, thats it!
I was a strong advocate of energy / food pills, quick and over with was my motto.

Today I see food with taste, texture, color and shape as art, I enjoy composing, chop and mix both flavors, shapes, sizes and colors ... I am no further tasters while I'm working and composing, I trust what I think is good, considering it would fit and then as I cook with a lot of curiosity.

I eat fish and eggs from the animal world and right now my favorite fish cod.

Coriander has not been a favorite, but now I found good cilantro where you can use the leaves and roots, together with fresh ginger and chilli pepper will be delicious, fresh and light.

Plantain is another ingredient that I use several times a week, so good to fry with spices.

My taste buds are so much more than the Swedish fare, feel that they are citizens of the world, want to have flavors from around the world, new different, "strange", unusual and quite delightful flavors that go beyond the slat and pepper typish...

I am happy for the people who come to Sweden, for various reasons, for it adds new views and new dishes, which I would like to welcome the curious person that I am.
Cultural diversity in the mix will be a new fusion, sometimes a better result than the original...

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