Monday, February 22, 2016

a walk through nostalgia...


I hired a apartment here long time ago.
A one of 100 square meters! 
With two entrances, fireplace and obvious plan so close to town you can get.

Here are Röhsska design museum, where two of my jewelry is today since 2014.

Gothenburg has a lot of very nice and beautiful house, it is very fun to sometimes take the time and remember it, I fell in love with long ago, the diversity of buildings. In the inner city is the most a lot of nicely decorated stone houses, grand worse and where I live, it is cozy and the working class (which today, unfortunately, of good and evil is a thing of the past). the working class has been squeezed out, moved further away from the city center, now you have to take the tram to get into the suburbs.

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