Monday, March 2, 2015

Ocean Sole... a fantastic initiative!

The world is 70% ocean, 30% landmass. Like our bodies it lives in equilibrium. We are waking up to the fact that the consequence of industrialisation is rocking the boat.
The ocean is the world’s dump yard. This has devastating effects on the smallest polyp to the largest blue whale, to fishing, navigation and human health.
We all have a choice at every level, whether rich or poor, to take responsibility for our oceans which we depend upon. However large or small, wherever we are, we can…......

These kinds of initiatives makes me very moved and very very grateful for people with the power to change, to see the possibilities of what could be (and actually is) barriers.

Visit these links and take part in a fantastic world of creativity!

I have been in contact with this organization via email and received a lot of material that I could be allowed to post on my blog, unfortunately, so are the formats PDF, and we all know that blogs, it's not a good format to retrieve information from .. SO CHECK THE LINKS !!!

I wish Ocean Sole all the best !!! Keep up the good work !!!

This is a place I would like to make a visit, maybe an internship, to see and learn how to take advantage of things that others had thrown both by being creative but also might not become bitter and cynical ... for whatever it is, it's a shame that we craps down and destroy our earth as we do.

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