Saturday, March 7, 2015

general sauna which is free to book...

It is far from finished, the area will expand...

A great new place in Gothenburg harbor! A general sauna which is free to book. I'm really happy about these things, things that are given to the citizens ... we have well experienced and paid taxes on this, yet so darn good idea and action!

I'll definitely have to make an appointment!!! It can fit 20 people at a time, all the little sauna tower is disabled, can it get any better?!

I love the aesthetics, everything is made by recyling materials, sheet metal from any disused building, glass bottles, etc ...

Facts about the sauna

The sauna built last year is a result of the German architect collective RaumblaborBerlins ideas. Back in September last year started a sauna building in the form of a workshop for the public, led by architects from RaumblaborBerlin.

One goal for the whole sauna area, which besides the sauna also includes two dressing rooms and a terrace, was that as much as possible would be built from recycled materials. Sheet metal façade include fully recovered and dressing mens walls are built of 12,000 recycled glass bottles. The sauna is built out into the river on an anchoring device, previously used for ship - a concrete wharf.

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