Tuesday, March 17, 2015

at Röhsska right now...

A stunning exhibition, so nice, so thoughtful, a little unpleasant but yet so beautiful ...

I like human sculptures interact with animals, it makes it a fairy tale, something more, something attractive but also something warm (as I experience it anyway, even though you really feel that the animals are dead ... the sculptures become like more "living "such dead animals).

Eden, See You on the Other Side by artist Christian-Pontus Andersson
17 / 3 - 31 / 5 2015.

If you are in Gothenburg, see and experience these sculptures!

 Coffee is never wrong, here with a good friend before the exhibition and the opening. 
Röhsskas café's good coffee can be recommended!

 The exhibition opened by curator at the Gothenburg Museum of Art Johan Sjöström.

 The artist Christian-Pontus Andersson and Tom Hedqvist Museum Director.

I had planned to outsource some website or other address to Christian-Pontus Andersson, but there was nothing I found, unfortunately ...
BUT google on Christian -Pontus Andersson's name and you will receive up many good pictures, interviews, etc.

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