Monday, March 2, 2015

February 21...

An excursion to the Nordic Watercolour Museum in Skärhamn, Dr. Lakra from Mexico exhibit and it was impressive to see the place, large dark and perhaps not surprisingly, since the title of the exhibition is; blackhole.

Nordic Watercolour Museum is organizing bus trips in connection to art openings, a very generous offer, I think, and I hanging out as often as I can, always great to get to Skärhamns beautiful environment, and all these exciting exhibitions such as the Nordic Watercolour Museum offers, they are not entirely the idea that it must be the right watercolor shown, the idea is that it should go in the water side, which might be a bit difficult to interpret in Dr. Lakras gigantic dark wall paintings, which "only" will be his exhibition space out, then be it painted over.

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