Sunday, March 8, 2015

crispbread and caviar in a tube, no champagne and luxurious Russian caviar...

International Women's Day in Sweden in 2015

Women earn an average of 2.6 million less than men over their lives.

The pay gap between women and men is 13.4%. This means that women work for free after noon. 15:56 every day. (Calculated on a weekday between the hours. 08 and 17).

As a profession lone artist with a part-time job for livelihood, this is what the breakfast offer ... I'm still glad that I live and work in Sweden, I've got to work and earn money, my voice is heard and I can move freely on the streets and square and I can go to a café or cinema or else all by herself, without companionship. I have the right to vote. But still ... I work for free after a certain time per day compared to men, I will in my lifetime to earn significantly less than men do and I will probably have more repetitive strain injuries and sickness absence than men, why ???

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