Sunday, November 16, 2014

the thought of today...

Sometimes I think I struggle with wrong kind of questions... I want to blow my head of when I think about some people talking and acting in a direction I can´t understand, or don´t want to understand... 
We talk about that knowledge is easy to carry, but sometimes I recognize that it´s heavy or complicated to have knowledge when other don´t have it. Off course I understand we learn our whole life,  we will never learn to much, but we can be in different levels and that could make problems.

IF I have "problem- trouble- issues" with some person in my surrounding, don´t think I´m not thinking the opposite. IF I have some trouble I absolutely think that others have trouble towards me too... I don´t think it just is one direction ideas about having "problem", it takes two to tango.

I don´t understand or know if it´s something to learn about hanging around with people/persons that you don´t come along with, better to drop it and hang around where you can give and get estimate. But sometimes you can't not choose your company, as in workplaces, schools etc.

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