Saturday, November 8, 2014

BACK. Everthing Must Go! 5 Nov 2014 -11 feb 2015.

The back of Back...

Ann Sofie Back, I love it, I can recognize the "cheap" esthetic and the way of been inspirited by "ugly- cheap" things, I can find that attractive in some wired way too, the idea that someone comes up with an idea (earning money on a mass produced thing), then it been realized, factory's or machines build up to produce and sell for less money... but also the way of good or bad taste, who decide what is good/bad... and then a great and investigatory person and artist as Ann Sofie Back doing art out of the idea, and let us be a part of it in a same same but different situation or context.

Artist has to sell, and off course that´s a goal, but to exist and provoker is forgotten in our consumer society I think, as Albert Camus  say;  you need to be against you time to do great art. I believe it´s something to think about, you need to reflect, not just buy the things you see... THINK! and act...

I  have to say that I was very happy after I Ieft the opening of Ann Sofie Back - Everything Must Go! exhibition. I will absolutely return and hopefully also buy some of her products (talking about consumer society, and I NEED TO HAVE!!!), just to remember the great idea about the exhibition.

Ann-Sofie Back (born1971) is the 2014 winner of the Torsten and Vanja Söderbergs award  at one million Swedish  kronor.

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