Sunday, November 23, 2014

opening of an exhibition or plenty... at Konstepidemin Saturday 22 of November.

Under vernissagedagen framför Iwo Myrin & Bobo Wieslander ett ljudande performance kl 15, i Pannrummet. Välkommen!

This wasn´t really finish when we visit it, so, next time I will dive in it better.

Sverker Eklunds studio...

Karin Agélii planting an apple tree, strange light at this moment...

Yesterday I had a great day with my friend Therese at Konstepidemin, one of my favorite place all categories in Gothenburg.  It´s a lovely atmosphere up there and very very generous artist working there. Every time it´s a new opening of an exhibition or more they have open studios for visitors and this weekend two of my favorites has their studios open for me and others. Eva Zethraeus an amazing potter, I´m a big fan of her beautiful and interesting objects and I´m also very very found of Eva as a college and friend, she is a lovely once. I hadn´t been to her new studio at Konstepidemin, I have to say that it was a very nice place, so light, so calm and so inspiring! I got a little bite jealous... Even if I do not begrudge her all the best!

My thoughts for my own future is that I may be need a place of my own too?! A place to go to, a place that I can leave my things and let them grove over nights, as I work now and have done many years now, is that I never rest from my own ideas, my own work. I always see them and I always confront them every single day and hour... It has fit me well, but sometimes it felt that it´s time to advance, doing some changes, challenge oneself.

Eva Dahlin was the second artist we visit, Eva Dahlin has become a friend too, first she was my teacher and then my college and these days more a friend when we see each other.

Eva Dahlin is an fascinated artist and person I think, she is a very charismatic and happy person. I always get happy seeing her and I have a lots of respect for her as well, she is a great artist and she also a very good teacher, she will not fold, she is very strong in her opinion and I like this kind of persons. You know where you have this kind of persons I think.

Eva has collecting and added died animals in Formalin since early ages. The first thing she added in a glass can was a cod brain, she was 8 years old and couldn't get Formalin by herself so she used Ethanol for her purpose. Under the year it has become many many more animals to the collection. I love this idea and it´s both fascinated, scary and at the same time very very funny. I love animal in art.

Why do you started and what fascinated you?!

Because she has always been interesting about the out and the inside, that they are so different... She want to open up and she for herself what the surface hidden.

The animal stuff is a part of her artistry, she is also a painter/sculptor and a really great one I think.

I and the world need artist as Eva I think!

Eva shows us her first added animal, the cod brain...

This could have been a piece of Märta Mattsson, but is a piece by Eva Dahlin...
A brooch or a necklace or just a great sculpture!

I concentrated me at the exteriors at Konstepidemin this visit, and some interiors too, it's a inspired environment to be in.

So here you can take part of bits and pieces from Konstepidemin this great Saturday.

The restaurant and café at Konstepidemin is the right place for a "gofika" I can tell and recommend.

In the end I could not help but play with the cake... or what´s left of it...

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