Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Morrissey at Lisebergshallen 11/11 2014... MEAT IS MURDER...

Here are some of the films...

This scene touched me very emotional...
A bullfighter who gets impaled by a bull.

I liked the aesthetics...

This was strange, now it was he who was black white suddenly...

What else can you say other than; damn!


 Now everyone goes home, 
Hopefully equally full of the evening as me.

I was deeply in love for a while... what a voice!!! I LOVE MORRISSEY and for some hours I felt like a pathetic teenager, but I allowed myself to be in that feeling, it was long time ago I was hit as this evening and even if it´s an illusion, it was a great feeling to be part of something big and nice. To feel love from a distance.

For me it was a magic evening even if I could dream about some old hits too, it had been great to hear some great old lyrics when it was the first time I was at a Morrissey concert, I have almost all of his records and love his lyrics and off course I love The Smiths also they was and are some of my household gods!

I like the way Morrissey take part for the animal and use his power to try change the way of thinking, living. Hats off to Morrissey!

The show at Lisebergshallen was as a club gig, in the true spirit of Gothenburg, the light was great, the films and photos that was showed at the stages was a great compliment... and the opening act was movies, so amazingly cool, instead off an opening act with another musicians. And all the crowd was a soft cool mix of people!

When I Google looking for some info about the play here in Gothenburg I encountered this site; here you can find some better photos from the concert and some other concerts too:

This was an autumn gift to myself! I am so happy that I got the chance to see and experience this live!

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