Monday, November 10, 2014

just one more existential thought of today...

What about free will?

Do I have a free will to do whatever I want?!

NO, and a little yes... No because I can´t just quit my work if I want, I need to have some kind of supply. Can I just take the train, bus or the aircraft away? No, because I have no more holidays this year... The yes is in this is that I have a free will to do, I can quit without having any security about how to earn money for my living, I can take a trip not thinking about the impact... that would be very immature and stupid I think. But I can apply for a new work or I can handle my spare time better, to be ware of all the time that I have by myself.

And how about dreams?! Are they realistic or?!

My dream is to get time for my jewellery stuff, so I have the opportunity to dive into it, investigate, found new solutions and new interesting angles of my works. I want to travel to get new experience, new views. I want to get  invitations for participant in exhibitions abroad.

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