Saturday, November 29, 2014

the market mess with us all...

Yesterday was the Black Friday an "new" trend from USA ( last year 2013 it was more or less introduced to the Swedish people and the net buying was increasted  to almost 100%) , and now this year it has reach Sweden by shops. It will be interesting to see how many Black Fridays we will have in the future. Is it something for the Swedes?! I´m not sure... we have embraced Halloween and Valentine's day so why not Black Friday?!

Strange, today is the buy nothing day, the day that you don´t support the shops, you will not be shopping this day IF you follow the trends. It's a form of telling that we living in a over consumer society and we have to stop and think about our consumes and this is the day.
First we have the day shop until you drop and the day after you will not spend any money at all. I wonder if this could be some kind of strange contrast, from one day to another?!

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