Sunday, June 24, 2012

you never too old to play or to be curios...

A view from my window, one of my oldest neighbors was out checking the garden air balloon, I thought it was a lovely view and picture; it says me that you never too old to play or to be curios.
This is one of my favorite neighbors, she is an old lady and she is sometimes very snappish, but she likes me and she always takes care… She is one of the few eccentric who are left here in Majorna. She has always a lot of stories to tell even if she as some hearing defect in older days, so she more or less screams when she talks and when I replay it could be whatever… but I like it anyway.

She is more or less originally from Gothenburg, so the stories are from her life here in Gothenburg… What she was doing as a young woman, where she has lived in different parts o Gothenburg before she ends up in my hoods, worked and so on.

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