Monday, June 4, 2012

Sunday, in Azaleadalen... What a source of inspiration!

Sunday, in Azaleadalen, or Azalea valley in English, a beautiful place nearby my home, in the big public park Slottsskogen, a public park for free for us citizen. A lovely place for relaxing, barbecue, walking and so much more… just a park to be in among others…
It was like a rainbow parade of blossom, in the city the HBTQ parade was going on, at the same Therese and I was walking around in this beautiful, colorful area and have a great time in the sun and with all the great scents.
What is a great day without a fika (cup of coffee) in the end or somewhere in the meeting, walking?!
I took a lot of photos in Azaledalen and it´s hard to pic some few out of all the colorful once, but I did my best as the maximalist I am…
I wish all of you that are in Gothenburg, have the time before the entire blossom is gone, that you have the opportunity to take a walk and have a look at this firework of blossom. I don´t think you will be disappointed.

We found a strange chestnut tree on our walk, it was like some kind of albino vegetation, I have never seen something like this before.

What is a great day without a fika (cup of coffee) ?!

Here you can see more photos from Azaleadalen

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