Sunday, June 10, 2012

6th of June the National Day of Sweden...

NCS-färgsystemet: Gult: NCS 0580-Y10R, Blått: NCS 4055-R95B.

Pantone: Gult: PMS 116 C (bestruket papper) och 109 U (obestruket papper), Blått: PMS 301 C eller U (bestruket och obestruket papper).

CMYK: Gult: Ec 100 % gul, 20 % magenta (Ec. X200), Blått: Ec 10 % gul, 50 % magenta, 100 % cyan (Ec. 15X0).

6th of June the National Day of Sweden, here you can see a view from the Swedish countryside.

Even my outfit was inspired by the day… the yellow and blue day…

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