Monday, June 4, 2012

HBTQ festival - 21 May to 3 June...


21 May to 3 June
HBTQ festival here in Gothenburg the last week, I have to say that I´m proud of my city, where the politics take part for all HBTQ persons that lives here and also all around.  The tram has small rainbow flag on them, the square has the flag on the poles in the city and also when you come out in the suburbs. I was not participant in the HBTQ parade at Sunday, I don´t have the energy to be in crowd this weekend. I just want and need an easy peacy weekend with friends. But I was thinking at all the once that where showing their belongingness and empathize.
I think it´s really really important statement to support and stand up for human rights to fall in love with whomsoever you want. And of course this is about so much more than just love between people, this is about how we want to have our society and the great plurality a country as Sweden can and will offer.

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