Monday, June 18, 2012

drama in the nature…

I don´t like when the nature has their dogtrot… last week I discover a magpie kid at my inner yard, right in front of my kitchen window, I have always have a couple of magpie in one of the big trees, but I have never seen that they got some kids, until last week. I felt connected to this new little one and I felt happy for the mum and dad magpie. They took care and feed this little one and they scare the cats away so it could be at peace in the grass. This all happen at Monday.

On Thursday morning very early I heard the seagulls on the yard, and when I bring up the window blind I saw the little one lying dead out on the asphalt. I break my heart a little, first because of the seagulls that just killed it for nothing and the mum magpie sitting there and looked at her only child for this year… I was out and picked it up and lay it in the grass into the arbor. The mum magpie was sitting on the roof and look at my act and I hope she understand that I did it for her and her child.

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