Saturday, June 12, 2010

world opening night…

Yesterday evening some of my friends invited me and others to their first play ever, in the lovely area; Slottsskogskolonin near by my place in Majorna…
One of my friends has a little garden with house there.
It was 3 bands that act. First out was The Eriks, and then The Silver Tape and last my friends son Hjalmar with 2 friends, playing and singing songs from Dylan and from Flight of the Conchords, they was the best… young and full of energy and a happiness to be on stage.

Absolutely great evenings with people that it felt that I only meet in the summertime, a little bit as summertime’s friends, but that’s good, then you have a lot to talk about, to catch up.

I hope it will be more of this kind of events, it’s nice and it’s unpretentious, come as you are and joy us, which are some kind of motto that I prefer.

It’s a mixed of photos, it was not so easy to take good photos, the light was not good and it was a small community hall… But I try to explain the feelings and energy with these photos more then showing the persons in the bands…

Thank you guys!!!

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