Thursday, June 3, 2010

walking the gray area...

gray area
Mexico City
Abril 12th to 16th, 2010

grey- a-re-a: [grey air-ee-uh] an intermediate area; a topic that is not clearly one thing or the other. A grey area is a term for a border in-between two or more things that is unclearly defined, a border that is hard to define or even impossible to define, or a definition where the distinction border tends to move; something that is open to interpretation.

Here are some of the photos that Ale Solar sent to me yesterday, I took some of people I know and some from the exhibition interior…

Here is the project and symposium, have a look a very very interesting idea and with good finally results, nice to have it in blog shape, then we all can take part and see the process grow from beginning to the end

This is a blog where 40 artists and jewellery makers from Latin American and Europe carry out a dialogue about global mobility, identities and contemporary jewellery. The dialogue will result in an exhibition to be presented in Mexico City, April 2010.

Photos from Ale…

Alejandra Solar and Jorge Manilla, I meet Jorge and Alejandra in Imarta this autumn when the Koru3 exhibition and workshop take place, a nice meeting then and now we have contact… I also meet Nanna Melland in Imatra… and of course a lot of other colleges who has become friends these days.

Nanna Melland stand beside a guy that I absolutely know what he is doing, but right now the name is gone… Sorry.

And here some more...

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