Thursday, June 10, 2010

a day with Lisa Björke...

Today I have been on an art walk with my friend and colleges Lisa Björke from Stockholm, we started at the design museum - Röhsska and we was not very satisfied/impressed over the MFA work. Some was good, absolutely, but it didn’t touch us so much… after we closed the door we almost forgot what we had seeing…
No photos from that place, it is not aloud to take photos there…

Afterwards we walk in the ”summer” rain up to one of my favourite places/spots of Gothenburg’s art world, Konstepidemin, there we look at the BFA student from HDK, it was much fresher and the show rooms, galleries at Konstepedemin was viewing the students pieces much better, that was our conclusion after seeing the both HDK exhibitions.

First we run into the potato eater…

"On Saturday5/6 -10, on the open day at Konstepidemin, Catrin Serck Hanssen, Ewa Brodin and Marie Sjölander started their art project Potatisätarna/The potato eaters. Eva reports that the response from visitors was fantastic. The neighbors are also very positive. The artists got to hear many stories and memories about cultivating potatoes and received good advice about growing potatoes."
The text is from;

We had lunch up at the Blå husets restaurant, delicious food as always a nice place that runs by two absolutely very nice persons. We had a spicy fish soup.
We took a look of the summer salon that was showed at Blå huset, nice pieces, and nice inspiration!

Several of the visual artists at Konstepidemin take part in the Summer Salon that is showed in the Blå Huset:
Rogerts Bondesson • Ewa Brodin • Eva Dahlin • Sverker Eklund • Elisabet Eriksson • Carina Fihn • Gunilla Hansson • Johan Lagergård • Ulla Mogren • Angelica Olsson • Lasse Persson • Nils Ramhøj • Lena Rydén • Ragnar Schmid • Torbjörn Steijner • Tore Svensson • Kerstin Åsling-Sundberg • Mia Thyberg • Mona Wallström • Peter Wiklund

Open during the restaurant's opening hours, 10.00 - 16.00, Monday - Friday.

We meet some of the students up there, some is friends of Lisa, I have ending my HDK studies for 7 years ago (2003), and so I don’t know so many who still go there.

Mellanrum - Niklas Alexanderson
(Amazing, what more can I say?! I like the aesthetic way of present the work… I will remember it for a long time…)
En riktig pärla – Mirja Leierth
Rötter – Lina Eriksson
(This one I really really loved! I want one or two or every one of the sculptures with human meets roots…)
Minnet av skogen – Johan Bjärntoft
(This was intresting shapes…)
Keramiska smycken – Alva Engström
Flicka på krokig väg – Anna Backlund
( 3-D illustrating, very good, I like it very very much…)
En ljuv evolution – Oskar Ek
Skålar – Anabeli Diaz
? - Frida Hultén
En för alla – alla för en – Elin Flogman
Katanjegatan – Anna-Karin Andersson
(Beautiful done, I like the idea very much!)
I manegen – Caroline Bäckman

I know that I have missed some of the one that exhibit, I just have all this names BUT I know that I have seen more… Sorry.

We ended up at Two little Birds café and show room, a lovely place at Andra Långgatan, or the Second Long street, one of my favourite streets in Gothenburg too… We took a fika and had some small talks before we said good bye for this time. A nice day with good company, I really really like Lisa and I’m very grateful to have her as a friend and college.

Maya Strandberg show ceramic there. I like the surfaces very much.
A nice showroom in the middle of the city...

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