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Broochmania at the Rob Koudijs Gallery...

Lisa BjörkDana Hakim Maki Okamoto

Lisa Björke and I was talking about this exhibition and project yesterday and I got a poster of the show from Lisa, now I saw that Montserrat had added a post on her blog about the exhibition too, nice…

Lisa Björke is one of the student who was a part of this project from Ädellab, the jewellery department of the Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm Sweden.
GALERIE ROB KOUDIJS is a 100 square meter exhibition space located in the gallery district in the centre of Amsterdam.

The gallery specialises in contemporary art jewellery which communicates ideas, has sculptural qualities and an innovative use of materials. The gallery represents a very motivated group of jewellery artists who produce work challenging the borders of the applied and the fine arts.

As these artists come from all corners of the globe, the latest international developments are on display in regular solo shows and in the stock presentation of the gallery.

Right now at galerie Rob Koudijs

05 06 2010
a project of Ädellab Konstfack, Stockholm
03 07 2010

Ädellab, the jewellery department of the Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm has developed in recent years into one of the leading educational centers of its kind. The jewellery made by its graduates is as surprising as it is pioneering. The Rob Koudijs Gallery gladly accepted professor Karen Pontoppidan’s invitation to participate in the Broochmania project.

During the last school year, students closely studied every facet of brooches in a series of five workshops. The ultimate goal of Broochmania was the realization of pieces crystallized from the training that would be suitable to exhibition in a gallery. Ward Schrijver was invited to Stockholm to serve as the curator selecting pieces for the exhibition. He chose brooches from 13 artists, ranging from first-year students to recently graduated masters.

The diversity of the work is spectacular: colourful, complicated collages contrast with clearly recognizable forms; the techniques vary from wildly proliferating growth processes to montages using existing perforated material. The distinctive individuals who study at Ädellab learn to manipulate every aspect of the brooch phenomenon as a means of artistic expression.

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