Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I got mail!!!

Today when I was doing a lot of necessary stuff indoors, to door bell was ringing and there the mail delivery man was with a package from my dear friend and college Ale Solar.
Thank you Ale you made my day so far!

It was some nice small things and a Cd with photos from the greyarea symposium in Mexico, nice to see… I will add some of the photos here later on… Ale was my flying reporter at that time; I didn’t have the money or the time to joy this big event and happening, what I could understand of people I have talk and write to a very interesting and good symposium.
It nice and grateful when people/friends are sharing information and spread it, because IF we help each other the jewellery field will be so much bigger, so much visible and also much more interesting as the art form it is, more quickly. That’s my opinion any way and I work as hell to spread and share information to every one who is interesting of this relative new art form.

Now the good luck heart is on my fridge, together with another heart that I really really like, Nanna Mellands bracelet heart.

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