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Finally I have done one of all my ideas, a goose necklace to remain of…
-Think before you act…

Fables attributed to Aesop

The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs.

A man and his wife had the good fortune to possess a goose which laid a golden egg every day. Lucky though they were, they soon began to think they were not getting rich fast enough, and, imagining the bird must be made of gold inside, they decided to kill it. Then, they thought, they could obtain the whole store of precious metal at once; however, upon cutting the goose open, they found its innards to be like that of any other goose.

• Greed destroys the source of good.
• Think before you act.
• Those who want too much lose everything.

The moral of wanting more and losing everything is similar to that of another Aesop fable called The Dog and the Bone. In the English language, "Killing the golden goose" has become a metaphor for any short-sighted action that may bring an immediate reward, but will ultimately prove disastrous.

Aisopos Fabler

Gåsen som värpte guldägg

En bonde ägde en tupp som varje dag värpte ett ägg av renaste guld. Han levde gott av dessa ägg och blev med tiden ganska rik. Men bonden ville ha ännu mer guld så han tänkte: "En sådan gås måste vara gjord av rent guld och kunde jag få allt guld på en gång så skulle jag bli ännu rikare". Han slaktade gåsen endast för att finna att hon såg likadan ut inuti som alla andra gäss. Gåsen kunde han aldrig få tillbaka och han blev dessutom av med sitt dagliga guldägg.

"Girighet är roten till allt ont."

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