Thursday, March 4, 2010

konstslöjd, no thanks...

Today I was visit the konstslöjds salongen at Röhsska museum… I have to say that I didn’t get impressed at all, very strange showed and also as the same ideas that last year, you need to be some kind of urban pirate to use a map to see what you can find and where.
The “catalogue” for 40 Swedish kronor was really tacky, simple quality.

An other opinion about this even, just not that “we” have to been urban pirates looking searching for the artist who participant in it, is that it has the name konstslöjd, when we have a better word for it theses day, in my opinion, konsthantverk, or arts and crafts or handicraft, sloyd or handiwork is in my eyes an other phenomenon.

Sofa Björkman “home” jewellery pieces was the absolutely best in the show!
Really nice to see her “small” nice investigation about what home can be, she use the size of a small safety match box as size for her set of jewellery pieces.

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