Friday, March 5, 2010

Marta Miguel…

I like the way Marta is playing with material, build up and destroy in a way of see what’s coming up, what’s happens… When I see the photos that Marta has taking of her pieces, sometimes jewellery sometimes something look likes jewellery… I get a warm feeling of see into her soul in some way, hard to explain, but I really really like her ideas, her pieces and the way she doing tries out. It ´s a lot of lovely searching’s for something untouchable, even if the object, jewellery are very touchable and tactile in their expression. I think that I love the double ness in her pieces, you can ´t be really sure of what you looking at, but you can see and feel that they are made by love and curiosity and a lot of interesting in the pieces; what can it be?!

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Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria said...

Dear Friend!!! i love your words and i agree with them.
All i do i do with love , i love wonder about what happens with differents feeling ans sensations about myself and materials. we are in a chaos , in a caothic change all the time and fix the mind in one or two feeling and work with it , is now my goal.
I choose one shape and the feeling that pop up with it.
Sometimes i don´t like to recognize this emotions but is necesary for going ahead with my expressions.
Now i am working with this shape and searching how can i do it to talk, changing materials and compositions.
It´s new for me this way, always i thought about a theme or inspiration in something but now it will pop up from my deep personality, and the object it is a therapeutical like my drawings too.

Slowly and focus in a personal investigation about shapes,materials and personality i hope that is some way i will found answers about what is wondering me,....
I like the idea that you can write about one piece and be critic about what is more mysterious and artistic because you know more about my life, ..., i will be happy of received your critics, you know,..

best regards and i hope to see you soon
and take a special time in Girona with Montserrat
life is love and in this situations we must to feel for after remember and dream.