Thursday, February 25, 2010

Maria Nuutinen...

I found this commercial in a magazine and it gets me to think of Maria Nuutinens work that she has at Koru 3, 2009. Can you see the similarity?!

This objects/jewellery that Maria showed at Koru3 in Imatra was one of my favourite pieces;
I think it was really clever to show the Paris Hilton trend of using small bag dogs as accessories these days.

Maria Nuutinen
Look at Klmit02 and you can see a lot of interesting and amazing pieces.

Same same but different, sometimes we all are close to someone else’s ideas, personally I like the idea that we are doing more or less the same tings that others, then we are a wear of our time, we get more or less the same input, but we handle it in our own way, we take the parts from our time and use it as we think it’s necessary for us, personally.

Maria Nuutinen is absolutely one of my biggest idols in the jewellery art field, I think she is doing interesting pieces and I love her choose of material. The idea comes first and then the material (I think that at least… it looks that way when I look at her things.)

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